Thursday, June 4, 2009

time with two

I'm not sure where this post is going to go so bear/bare? with me. My brain seems to always be running a mile a minute now trying to be in two places at once for two cute little boys neither of whom really get that that's a hard thing to do! Two is different...good different. It's amazing to look at how independent Micah is and then look at Connor and know he can do nothing for himself. I have discovered that there is no feeling like sitting on the couch cuddling with your two boys and knowing they both love you and need you desperately, although in very different ways!

My favorite thing so far about having them both is watching Micah love him because he sees Zach and I love him. He'll tell me when he's crying, he loves on him constantly, he asks him what's the matter when he's upset and brings him toys to make him feel better. It's so cute when he repeats phrases that he has heard us say like "what's the matter buddy" and "there there its ok."

My least favorite thing is that I'm divided. I can't hold Connor near as much as I did Micah when he was a newborn, obviously, and if Connor is upset I can't sit and play with Micah like I used to be able to. I know this is a short phase. Soon Connor will be able to sit up and join us in during our playtime, but that's hard to remember at the moment. It's amazing how much mommy guilt you can put on yourself in such a short time :) I have, however, made a promise to myself that no matter how many children we have (hopefully just one more) I want to carve out individual time for them all so that at some point of their day they don't have to share and play by 'the rules' they can relax and be the only even if its just for a few minutes!!


  1. You are a great mom it is a amazing to watch you with both of them. I hope when I have my second child that I will be able to do as well as you do! Ever mom worries about spending enough time with their kids and you are super lucky that you can stay home.

    Love, Melissa H.

  2. Hey I responded to your post on my post but then I realized you wouldn't see it unless you checked that same post again. Did that make sense? haha, anyway, I usually drink black tea. Earl gray, Lady EG, Irish and English breakfast, etc. And if you are interested in Zoelife I can get you some. It really is wonderful, just because you know your loved ones are getting the fruits and veggies they need for their health.