Tuesday, August 31, 2010

batter up!

Isabella gave Micah a t ball set for his birthday back in February. It's been sitting, still in the box, in the laundry room just waiting to be put together and tried out. This afternoon Micah asked again if we could play it. The weather has been so much nicer and by nicer I mean not 100 degrees outside so I put it together for him and brought it outside. He has another bat and ball we've been playing with and has actually made contact a few times but this was soooooo much better. After a few pointers from Zach he went at it. Each time he hit the ball he would throw his bat backwards, just like on TV, and run to get the ball and bring it back to go again. He did this for a good hour and only slowed down when Connor got in the way. I will be so excited when he's old enough to play on a team. He's going to be so cute in that uniform...oh and a good ball player too of course!


  1. Yea for baseball! Glad he likes it.

  2. He's old enough now!! Landon is playing on a T-Ball team this fall!! You can sign him up for it in the Spring!!