Friday, September 10, 2010


Connor and I had plans that fell through Wednesday morning which gave me a good bit of time while Micah was at school to do whatever. Connor had been in a cranky mood for a few days before that and that day included because he was waking up way too early. This meant going home just meant I'd be holding a sad pitiful sometimes angry boy so we made the best of already being out and went to the Monastery. My plan was to get some magnolia leaves to make a wreath I had seen on line and I also remembered them having some huge trees and were hoping they Oak trees so I could collect some acorns for a free fall decoration. Turns out that those huge trees were chestnut trees and you could pick them for $1.98 a pound which is still pretty cheap and it helps raise money for monks which I'm not against ;) Connor would occasionally pick up the ones I pointed to and throw them in the bag but preferred to run around like a loon and throw dirt on himself. Either way it was a fun, and very hot, time. Apparently they do this every year so I'm going to have to remember to bring Micah next time since he will be a little more helpful in the actual picking process.

fyi- the pods the chestnuts grow in are SUPER spiky and VERY owie to touch!!


  1. How FUN! I didn't even know you could pick chestnuts from the Monastery! I'd love to see your wreath once you make it too!

  2. Chestnuts roasting by an open fire...
    What are you going to do with the chestnuts?