Wednesday, September 29, 2010

less than perfect

I haven't blogged a ton in the last couple weeks. There is a reason and it is not due to being busy because everyone is 'busy'. Someone made a comment to me not too long ago . I know it was not meant to be taken negatively because it was from a friend and it was delivered with a laugh but it made me think, which lets face it ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING does! I've been wondering if when people read about our days and see our pictures if they think we have this perfect lifestyle going. So just for fun, and to eliminate any misconceptions, I am going to share a list of 'less than perfect' things that go on in the May household...

* Connor barely lets anyone hold him, play with him, feed him, etc. if I am in viewing distance. If they try it usually results screams and gumby kid (you know where it looks like they don't have any bones and they collapse in your arms or on the floor)
* Micah does not like it when I hold Connor and Connor does not like it when I hold Micah.
* Getting a certain older brother to listen the first time to anything is next to impossible currently.
* Connor has woken up at the crack of dawn every morning the last 3 weeks which means I have woken up at the crack of dawn the last 3 weeks
* Toys take over our house in a matter of minutes and because of my psycho clutter free cleanliness I clean all the live long day.
* Zach gets frustrated with me constantly because I have to have everything in a certain spot. I get frustrated with him constantly because he doesn't.
* Sunday night Micah lost his mind and had a meltdown at bedtime resulting in a lot of parenting taking place. The reason for which we still don't know!!
* I am forever getting upset with Zach because he has so many places to go and I don't.
* The state of many things we are involved in are STRUGGLING due to the recent economic climate and it kind of sucks.
* We spent two hours last night in bed talking and sorting through recent dramas from family to friends to those certain things I just mentioned above.

The reason I typically don't share these kinds of things is because I try to be half full and look on bright sides but always know in the background there are always less than perfect details :)


  1. I love you so much ...thank you for posting this.

  2. Love you and your honesty. Life is less than perfect but you make it look easy and that's refreshing.

  3. Sounds about right. ;) Life ISN'T perfect (thank goodness - how boring would THAT be??) but we've still pretty much got it made don't we? I totally get looking at the half-full - "Consider it pure joy..."

    Love you.

  4. Also, thanks for giving me a name to what Silas has recently started doing - GUMBY KID. Now I know. :P

  5. Wow. Your house sounds like a mirror image of my life! Brad and I keep telling ourselves that these turbulent, exhausting, stressful, worrisome days are some of the best of our life. I love your glass half full attitude and your sincere honesty. You are an amzing mother and an incredible woman of God.

  6. This was one of the most encouraging things I've ever read Sarah! Sometimes we just need to know we are not alone in our feelings or circumstances of life. Thanks for your vulnerability- I feel ALL of those things almost every day (and it seems we and our husbands are nearly the same people :))