Monday, February 21, 2011

can you guess?

As soon as we got home from Micah's party he wanted to try on each of his outfits by themselves. Now he just likes to mix and match his favorite pieces from each one. In this picture he is wearing cowboy boots, a fireman jacket and policeman hat. Connor is wearing a police jacket and fireman hat. Can you guess which job they actually are? Trust me there IS a correct answer. I learned that the hard way ;)

If you guessed policeman for Micah and fireman for Connor you are CORRECT! Apparently it doesn't matter what clothes you wear it just matters what hat you have on!

You have to watch out when Officer Micah is on the case. No one is exempt from his mission to rid the world of bad guys. Not even Daisy!

p.s. Zach thinks Micah looks like the Gestapo in this get up but I think he's way to cute to be confused with that. Thoughts? :)

1 comment:

  1. I echo Zach's sentiment. He looks like he is straight out of the Great Escape. Super cute, though.