Tuesday, February 15, 2011

F.O.U.R spells 4!

And another year has passed! Micah has been more excited about this birthday than any other. I would assume it's because he's just so much more aware about what birthdays mean and is excited about getting bigger. Though the getting bigger part I still seem to have troubles with. It's so hard to not want to hang on to his present, but I know that his future is bright!

We talked in the car today about his 'favorites' so of course I will share them with you.

Favorite foods- ham and cheese sandwich, rice and soup (chinese and/or japanese food), Zaxbys
Favorite snack- fruit snacks
Favorite colors- red, blue, green, yellow, brown, light blue, orange. He's such a rainbow :)
Favorite games- tag, hide and seek
Favorite things to do- draw
Favorite friends- Ben, John Parker, Bella, Sawyer and Lucy
Favorite movie- Toy Story 3
Favorite show- Curious George
Favorite animal- elephant

Now here's what we love about our brand new 4 year old...
* He's learning so much!! He can recognize all the letters of the alphabet and tell most of the sounds (q and x are pretty tough!), write his first and last name, recognize zach, connor and my name, can recognize his numbers and count to at least 20 without messing up.

*His personality is erupting! He is seriously such a goofball. He loves to make funny voices and faces, do silly dances and fall, slip, slide anywhere as long as it gets a laugh. He is still however, super shy in new situations and around new people so if he shows you his silly side you know you're loved!

*He is very imaginative. He loves to create stories and scenarios and loves dressing up in anything from princesses to super heroes!

*He is becoming very independent and is a huge helper with cleaning up, feeding daisy, setting the table, etc. He also likes to get dressed completely by himself which is awesome however he does not always match.

*He has developed a love of cash money! He loves holding it, carrying it, folding it, making it flat again. It's pretty funny. We're excited that he is interested in it though because we want to teach him how to earn, save, and give money and since he's already interested we might start a chore/allowance system soon.

*He loves reading and talking about Jesus. Zach reads the Jesus Storybook Bible to him during their bedtime routine and listening to their conversations is just precious. They've talking numerous times about how Jesus can come into your heart and they prayed about it once but I don't know if that is true understanding or not! Either way we love that he questions thing and desires to know more.

Micah you are a COMPLETE JOY and we love you and will always love you exactly how you are!


  1. Happy Birthday crazy goof!

    Also, how about that perfect heart eaten out of the apple?!

  2. Happy Birthday! Wow 4 years ago. We love you little man.