Thursday, January 2, 2014

God bless a new year!

Since I didn't make an itemized list for 2013 I can't share with you the specific things that I accomplished and the many that I didn't but for myself I wanted to list some good things that came from last year either places I went, things I learned, etc.  This is in no way an exhaustive list because my new/old I've had three babies brain just can't retain that much information.

In 2013...

*went on my first mission trip to Romania
*learned a little about what it meant to be a light in the darkness
*want to be better at living a life as a light of God
*met two new friends who I love hanging out with
*deepened relationships with some very special women who I love and appreciate more than ever
*learned what it meant to bear each other's burdens
*started to really enjoy working out and now have arm muscles 
*moved out of my little starter home 
*got cowboy boots :)
*saw Bebo in concert
*met Sara Groves
*had many moments of joy and needs of forgiveness as a Mama of my precious 3
*started singing (at home) with my husband in hopes that I'm one day confident enough to do it in public occasionally
*began truly seeing and defining my identity in Christ
*saw scripture come alive in my life in a way it never has.  Such a beautiful blessing!
*learned more so what it means to love unconditionally

Goals (for now) for 2014

               *  daily prayer time and journaling
                * devotion time with the boys/family
                *  read at least 6 spiritual growth books
               *   pray about and find a new ministry to work in with Zach
                *  make goals for Children’s Church and accomplish them
                *  at least one day of fasting
                *  set aside time for a spiritual retreat
                *  attend a women's conference of some kind
                *  1,000 gifts list
                *  start identity verses notebook
                *  focus on my word of the year "Abide"  and how that enables me to be a "Light"  in all darkness

                *  earlier bedtime
                *  eat healthier (more water, less Dr. P , sugar and carbs)
                *  continue boot camp and running
                *  be diligent with taking vitamins
               *  engage in physical activity/play with M, C and L outside
                * 1 race/challenge or more

                *  reevaluate family budget and stick to it
                *  patient with spending $$ on wants
                *  pay off  student loans
                *  organize paper work with a filing system

Professional/Home life
                * sell or continue renting little house
                * find a home to purchase
                * reevaluate then keep up cleaning schedule and weekly goals list

                * catch up scrapbooks
                * organize videos and pictures on computer
                * finish refurbishing the piano,  use spools to make a clock, table and ottoman
                *  try 3 new recipes per month
                *  read independently and discuss at least one book with Micah
                *  phonics and reading practice with Connor before K
                *  colors and shapes and begin letters with Logan
                *  limit time on facebook and other social media
                *  read at least 6 fun books

Relational/Friends and Family
                *  one special dates with Zach a month

                *  Sunday night at home dates
                *  alone time a month with M and C
                *  prayer about and research adoption options
                *  at least monthly hangout with friends out or at home

                *  be in tune enough to reach out to the needs of others small or large
                *  being open in my requests for prayer and in my asking of friends for their prayer needs as well
               *   plan a fun weekend getaway with 1) a group of girl friends 2)mother and sisters on each side

Some of these are from previous years that I'm either doing again or trying to finally get done
I obviously reserve the right to change this at any point
God will most definitely change this on His own without asking or informing me first

The New Year
by Eric Peters
This is the year that something changes but nothing ever does
This is the year that all my failures turn into a pile of dust
This is the year, with fallen faces, we learn we’re not enough
This is the year to hold each other up
Oh, oh, oh it’s a new year

Oh, oh, oh it’s a brand new light
Oh, oh, oh can you believe it?
It’s the skies that we dream of.
This is the year when laughter douses charred and burnt-out dreams
This is the year when wrens return to nest in storm-blown trees
Is this the year of relocation from boughs of old despair?
This is the year to perch on hope’s repair
Oh, oh, oh it’s a new year.

Oh, oh, oh it’s a brand new light.
Oh, oh, oh can you believe it?
It’s the skies that we dream of.
I was pale and weary sad, tired of ghost debates
A slave to voices old and vile, bitter bones in the grave
But this is the year, it’s the year that something changes
This is the year, the year that something changes
Oh, oh, oh it’s a new year.

Oh, oh, oh it’s a brand new light.
Oh, oh, oh can you believe it?
It’s the skies that we dream of.

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  1. I love how you include that you reserve the right to change anything about your list. That's awesome :-) I love a lot of your goals, and I might go ahead and steal some. Setting goals is not a skill/gift of mine!