Wednesday, April 23, 2014

out west: hoover dam

Zach submitted two presentations to give at an Oracle Conference and both got accepted.  Then we found out it was in Vegas.  I wasn't super excited about the idea of my husband going to Vegas for a week by himself, so when we discovered it fell on the same week as Micah's spring break I planned to join him there.  I figured a week with my husband in a free, really nice, hotel was too good to pass up.

The conference didn't start until Monday but since he would be busy almost all day each day we went two days early to do the things we love and I am oh so glad we did!

We flew out Saturday morning, and in true Zach and Sarah fashion, had to run to our gate and boarded with about ten minutes to spare.

After we landed in Vegas and checked into the hotel, we picked up our rental and headed out of town.  We had been forewarned by friends that weekend Vegas is way crazier than weekday Vegas, and just walking through the lobby already told us that!

Our first stop was lunch at In N' Out, YUM!  Then we went to Boulder City, NV to walk around some antique stores.  It's so comforting to see the same kind of fun junk on the other side of the country that I see in Georgia!  Our only purchases were an old Nevada license plate and an old California one.  I would love to get one from each state to put in a future game room/play room.

In one of the stores we heard about a VW Car Show in town.  Zach drove a VW bus in high school so we knew we had to check it out.  It was so fun.  The cars were awesome.  I fell in love with a VW Thing and have put it on my favorite car list under Wranglers.

After the car show we headed towards the Hoover Dam.  We were driving and turned a corner and were hit with this gorgeous view of Lake Mead!

 3 years ago, a highway and bridge were built opposite the hoover dam to help with traffic.  The highway has a pedestrian area where you can walk out and see the Dam from the other side.  Zach walked across to get some pictures, but I not being a fan of heights or walking alongside highways just parked myself in the shade and waited for him to come back.

The tour of the dam was really cool.  It is an amazing feat of engineering.  It made me want to find a documentary to watch and that is saying something!

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