Thursday, April 3, 2014


When you live "far" away from both sides of your family visits can be few and far between and most of the time those visits are us driving to whichever place everyone is congregating and see ALL of our siblings, parents, nieces and nephews at the same time.  Which is totally fine, but it is so very nice when we get a special treat and have family come to us.

The past two weeks we got three special treats because we had back to back to back visitors.  My guest room was very happy to be able to be so useful.

Our first visitor was Katie and her two adorable girls Elodie and Miriam a.k.a two of our nine nieces.  She had texted me to ask me to pick something up for her at IKEA but in my very sneaky way I preyed on her love of zoos and bargains and convinced her to drive down instead to stay and get treated to a free trip to Zoo Atlanta and free babysitting for a trip to IKEA to check it all out herself.  I'm actually pretty sure it didn't take much convincing but I'm taking most of the credit anyway.

We all had a fabulous two and half days of chatting, laughing, shopping, baseball watching, serious talking, and enjoying of all the togetherness.  Between my sister, Zach's three sisters, my two sister in laws and my hopeful one day will be sister in law, God has blessed me with a wide variety of personalities and talents wrapped up in lovely, Godly women.  

Micah and Connor both played hooky on zoo day and we had one of our best visits.  The highlights were...
*seeing the Elephant super close up and being fed
*seeing the Giraffe super close up, like so close up that I found out that their faces are extremely bumpy.
*seeing a baby rhino
*hearing the tiger growl
*seeing the entire lion family.  There was a mama, daddy and four brand new cubs.

Our next visitor was my mom a.k.a Mimi.  She drove up one day of her spring break to bring me a window mirror she made for the Romania auction and to see the boys play their games.  Unfortunately the day she came was FRIGID with gale force winds so they ended up canceling their games.  Boo!  She had to settle for wii baseball instead.

The day after my mom left, Zach's mom a.k.a Nana came for a few days.  She also came to watch the boys play their games.  Thursday night she got to see Connor's practice and Micah's game and see Micah hit an inside the park homerun and get the game ball!  Connor's game Saturday morning got cancelled due to rain but there was plenty of fun to be had regardless.

For all of you other out of town family and friends, our guest room is ALWAYS available and we'd LOVE to have you.  Like for real.  Come visit.  PLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE!

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