Thursday, April 24, 2014

out west: red rock canyon

One of our absolute favorite things to do together is to go hiking and Nevada did not disappoint.  On Sunday we went to Red Rock Canyon to hike for a few hours and drive along their scenic view.

There were tons of trails to choose from and we wanted the highest view we could get without being on the 8 hour hike so we went on the Calico Tanks trail.  Hiking in the desert is pretty much awesome.  It was just weird to be walking in a mix of rock and sand with no ocean around.  The color of the rocks were gorgeous and the red against the amazingly blue sky was beautiful.  These pictures are completely unedited.

After hiking and lunch in a really good sandwich place in a random casino, we headed back back to the hotel to shower because we wanted to drive back to Red Rock that evening for a sunset view.

On our second trip out there we met some very friendly burros.  I rolled my window up just in time before this fella gave me a kiss.

Then we found a place to park and Zach set up his camera to take time lapse pictures of the amazing sunset we assumed we were going to see.  After a long wait the sun basically just disappeared with absolute no color change at all.

Zach wanted to get our pictures anyway so this is me laughing hysterically as I stand in front of the non existent sunset.  I'm such a good supportive wife.

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