Wednesday, October 29, 2014

cloudland canyon day 1

During our Fall Break last week we went to North Georgia to visit Zach's parents and to go camping, or yurting I should say, with his sister and her family.  We stayed at Cloudland Canyon State Park in their yurt village and then went out during the day to different parts of the park and surrounding areas.

On Sunday we did our first hike.  Our first stop was a short little walk to this gorgeous overlook view!  We had the most gorgeous weather.  Cool and sunny with bright blue skies.

Our next stop was the waterfalls.  We walked about 600 steps down to the first waterfall and stopped to watch, throw sticks in the water and have a snack.  For some reason I did not think it was necessary to bring our hiking backpack for Logan.  Very wrong!  Zach was a (very strong) trooper during the trip!

After hiking half of the way back up when then took 600 more steps down a seemingly never ending winding set of stairs in a different direction to see waterfall number two.  It was beautiful as well and required more pictures and more resting and more snacks.

After hiking back up the 1000ish steps we headed to the yurts for unpacking and dinner.  Jess was in charge of dinner that night and Tony was in charge of the fire building pretty much the whole trip so Zach took pictures and hung out with his family while I took all the kids to the playground which just happened to be down the street a bit.  I also need to mention that the yurts has a space heater and electricity.  This yurting this was my kind of camping!

After dinner and stories by Nana around the fire we put the kids down and sat around chatting for a couple hours before our first sleep to get ready for the next day.

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