Wednesday, October 29, 2014

cloudland canyon day 2

After a not terrible but not fantastic first nights sleep we got up and ready for day 2.  The weather was straight cold in the early mornings and at night.  We were glad for a fire and multiple sweatshirts!

Andrew and Krista and their sweet baby Olivia joined us again for day 2 but Tom and Linda were both at work.  We had a full day planned and it was starting with a 3.8 mile hike around the rim of the canyon.  I was excited but terrified.  I was pretty confident that we would all come back safely but walking a path that at times that had a very large rocky drop off two feet to the left had me on edge a lot of the time.  Thankfully no one fell over the edge and we saw some really pretty views.  I was proud of all the kids.  They held up pretty well!

After a very brief rest at home and a couple games of rock acorn checkers we headed to meet Nana and Poppy to go to Rocktown.  Logan fell asleep on the way there and stayed asleep on Zach's shoulder until halfway into the mile hike.  After climbing on one little rock with me he slipped a little and then decided he was not a fan of the experience.  The two of us cuddled and looked at pictures until it was time to go.  Everyone else had a great time and Micah and Connor LOVED it.  Zach got a great video of all their 'bouldering'.

Next stop was a cave.   I did not know until 100 yards from said cave that it was not a cave I imagine in my head and as soon as I was told it was not a cave that I imagine in my head I informed everyone that I was not going in it.  However, Zach thought it would be a good experience to share with Micah and Connor so I climbed through a dark, cold, slippery, winding hole into a giant cavernous area beneath the earth doing my best not to let my second born who basically got only my DNA see my tears so that he would not begin to freak out as well.  It was amazing down there and I probably would have ventured a little farther had I not had to crawl through the white rabbit's hole to get in there and if I wasn't worried that at any moment one of the boys would disappear and be lost forever.  Connor came out and declared he hated it and Micah came out and declared he loved it and wanted to go again.  Zach was on Micah's side.  

Our last stop was an overlook at the top of the mountain.  It was a gorgeous view but there was an even bigger drop off with zero things to stop the kids from dropping and my nerves were shot after the cave experience so we didn't stay long.  Thankfully it started drizzling so I didn't have to force any departures because the rain did it for me.  Thank you rain! 

I do want to go on record by saying that I had a great day!  Even with all the stressed out mama moments it was a wonderful time with my little family and part of our bigger family being outside in the gorgeous creation.  Just needed to get that in ;)

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  1. I love hiking with my kids, but when there are drop offs like that I am on the verge of a heart attack the whole time! We do it anyway, because we love nature. This place looks amazing by the way.