Friday, October 3, 2014

phone pic friday

My second set of IKEA chairs bit the dust recently so I snagged four chairs from a new junk store I found.  I will definitely be going back!

The currently orange but soon to be spray painted chairs fit perfectly under our coffee table.

Logan and I got to hang out with Ella for three days this week!!  So much fun having a playmate and a girl at that!

This is the first grasshopper, like not just a little grasshoppery cricket, that I've ever seen.  It was massive and so pretty and it could fly.  What?!

We also found a big ol frog behind the grill and were watching it sweetly until Logan stomped on one of it's legs and it slunk back under the house :(

Every year we visit a pumpkin patch to play, but we ALWAYS buy our pumpkins at first methodist in covington.  We got a big daddy pumpkin, a mommy pumpkin, three little boy pumpkins, three gorgeous white pumpkins, and three baby pumpkins.  They had Cinderella ones too which I LOVE but always catch flack for from the gentlemen in my life because they "don't look like a real pumpking."  I'll probably go back and get one anyway ;)

Logan and I went to help Zach pick out new frames.  Logan wanted to try some on too.  He is so stinkin cute!

After the eye doctor we had lunch at Firehouse.

Then went to buy me some lifting gloves for my pullup present!  I did one real pull up this past week!  Hopefully I'll be able to do another one one day :) My goal was one and now my new goal is two consecutives.  They didn't have cute girl ones but I'm planning on getting these monogrammed.  You know southern girl crossfit style.

First Friday night in October called for a Halloween Family Movie Night.  We watched the boys' favorite Curious George Halloween BooFest

Logan loves scary movies ;)

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