Tuesday, September 30, 2014

fall snack

Yesterday's weather was gross.  Rainy but not the pretty relaxing rain.  It was the slightly humid muddy rain.  For the first time in a LONG time I thought about and planned ahead an afterschool project to do with the boys.  We had a lovely crafternoon and snack making session.

A few years ago my friend Kiley introduced me to a fall snack she always makes for her coworkers and friends.  It's Oh's cereal mixed with any or all of the following, 
reece's pieces
fall colored plain m&ms
fall colored peanut m&ms
candy corn m&ms
candy corn
candy pumpkins

I have made it the past two years for the boys' teachers and friends as well as plenty of leftovers for us and it's a favorite for sure!

To decorate the jars, and take up lots of time on the rainy day, I cut out leaves from watercolor paper with my silhouette and we painted leaves fall colors.  Or at least Micah, Connor and I did.  Logan painted his leaves black and then painted himself and then painted me.  BUT he didn't eat the paint so we're moving in the right direction!

After the painting we taste tested all the ingredients, mixed it all together and got the jars ready to share.  They turned out super cute, and yummy!

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