Friday, September 19, 2014

phone pic friday

Auburn game snuggles with Connor and Big Tiger.
War Eagle!

Logan and his big haircut fixed a snack for church all by himself!

Micah is hiding under the blanket so he can spy on Connor and Logan

New purse from my love :)

Logan has gotten really good at building stickah towahs

Micah started piano lessons.  Right now he has to practice on a speakerless keyboard but I'm trying to finish our piano quickly!

Drawing time produces the quietest house.  Sweet silence!

My parents came up last weekend to watch the boys while Zach and I went to a church seminar on Psalms (really good!).  We fit in some time to play Settler's and daddy won his first game!

I'm in the (slow) process of collecting a tag from every state.  A friend from church brought me Michigan last Sunday! 

The only fall decorating I've done so far is the mantle and I kind of love it. 

I spend a few nights cutting, crumpling, twisting and hot glueing brown paper around a wreath form.  I burned the mess out of my fingers on several occasions but I think it turned out fantastic!  I've got plans to try a Christmassy one with left over wrapping paper soon.  

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