Friday, September 19, 2014

'nap' time

When Micah and Connor started school I went through the normal mix of emotions but underlying it was this excitement of having a real nap time again.  I could just envision all the things I would get accomplished in that two hour period of Logan's naptime.  Oh the cleaning and crafting and baking that was coming my way. nice.

It took Logan a day to shoot that dream to...well you know where.  Somehow my sweet boy who napped almost exactly two hours every afternoon decided to quit pretty much cold turkey.  I mean there have been occasional days where a good nap occurs but they are sadly very very few and far between.  After weeks of battles with him about staying in his bed and staying in his room we have recently reached a good rhythm of him playing quietly in his bed with his action figures and books and then if he falls asleep great but if he doesn't as long as he's been quiet he can get out of bed for the last little bit to play in the rest of his room.

Today he woke up at 5:20 am and then played all morning with friends during my new Thursday morning bible study so I was just POSITIVE that today was going to be a good nap day.  

You know what they say about assuming things right!?

While I was busy sweeping, mopping and other such things I kept hearing the Logi Bear in his room.  
When I finally heard enough that I needed to go check this is what I found.


He said he was exercising.  


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