Monday, September 8, 2014

phone pic friday

Yes I know it's Monday.  I don't care.  I was planning to do this on Friday since I missed it the last three weeks and it's something I really really want to do so I'm pretending it's Friday.   Just go with it but don't get disappointed that the weekends not starting!

Logan watching "Widda Boz" under the table during the scary parts

Bedtime reading with Uncle Tim

I think of my Grandaddy and Granny every time I play dominoes

We get the best sunrise views on the way to school in the morning

Logan was killing it on the rower after crossfit one morning

Micah was doing the enthralled read and walk the other afternoon and it was so fun to see for this mama

Love love love when my husband makes the bed for me in the morning.  I also turned our comforter upside down to try out an all white bedding scheme.  I'm very tempted to go shopping soon!  Just imagine a cool beige and white or gray and white vintage quilt folded at the end with fun patterned pillows for a punch at the top.  

Jenga blocks are super fun to build with and they do a great domino effect when you stand them up

There was a giant wolf spider in our house that neither me nor the boys would kill.  Instead we covered it with a box and white for Zach to get home.

I want to squeeze his cuteness

and fierceness!  Love that Connor Connor!

Now that were out of the baby stages where they grab everything near them we've started actually putting our food on the table and serving "family" style you know like a normal dinner.  Sometimes it's paper plates and a pizza box but it makes our dinnertime so much homier!

This is Logan's favorite activity when we have wait time in the carline and he actually had a nap that day is not sleeping in the carline instead!

Cider that I drank a sip of and didn't want to throw up.  Big improvement for me!

In these clouds Micah, Connor and I saw a circus elephant on his hind legs with his trunk in the air, Jabba the Hutt and a turtle.

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