Tuesday, September 16, 2014

lazy monday

I like to do lists.  I like writing them, accomplishing them, checking them off, rewriting them, and so on.  However, when you are a to do list person it means that you constantly have a to do list not only somewhere on paper, but a never ending one in your head.  When you have a never ending to do list in your head it means your brain never really stops working.  It is constantly thinking and organizing and planning and it will keep going until you learn to quiet it.  I'm still learning.

I had three separate conversations in the last week about the 'need' to finish to do lists and the stress it inevitably causes because, since it is never ending, it will never get done.  One conversation was with other to do list makers and we stressed out together, but the other two (one through proxy) were from non stressed-out-type-A people whose approach was to just get done what they could and oh well with what they couldn't it would get done later.  Wow people are really capable of thinking that way!?   By conversation 3 something clicked in my head.  A little bit anyway.

And then Monday at 7:07 happened and that idea just had a whole new appreciation in my mind.

Mondays are notorious for being, well for being Mondays and yesterday my Monday morning started by me accidentally pouring my entire tervis of hot tea into and around the area of the console in my van and instead of stressing out I gave in.  I decided at that moment that my Monday was going to be a lazy day full of playing, exploring and enjoying.  

(Except for the laundry, Monday is laundry day and that can not be changed.  It would screw my head up too much!   Small steps people.)

Our lazy Monday included watching Widda Boz (aka Wizard of Oz) while sorting clothes and crossfitting at home.  Next Logan and I packed a lunch and grabbed a bag of old bread from the freezer and headed out to surprise Connor at school with a lunch time visit and then visit the park.

Connor was very excited!

After a peaceful visit to feed the ducks, take a walk and play at the park playground Logan and I headed back home for rest time.

After school we grabbed some ice cream at Scoops and checked out the new renovations that just finished on The Square.

Next we headed home to play, do homework, cook dinner and have a regular evening.

Technically nothing we did was that much different from another day.  Nothing was a new experience or a huge crazy idea.  The biggest thing was my attitude and mindset.  I ended up accomplishing a lot and setting a lot to the side for another time which would have happened in stress mode as well but the whole feeling of the day was different, more peaceful and enjoyable.

I'm still type A, I still love to do lists and those lovely checks next to finished items but I'm hoping I will continue to learn more about letting go of my expectations and ideas of accomplishment and enjoying the things I have been given as they come when they come.

And the laundry did get done

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