Wednesday, September 17, 2014

meet the robinsons

In our house Friday night is movie night.  After dinner we pop homemade like not in the bag but on the actual stove popcorn and put on our jammies and cuddle on the couches and watch a movie together.  

The movies vary between old classics and new releases, cartoons and real people.  We've had a couple of misses like the Two Brothers fiasco that I still get kidded about by a few friends and The Phantom Menace which the boys love but Zach and I both struggled to sit through again because let's face it, it's terrible!  Most of the time they are pretty good and occasionally they're just plain great.

Last Friday we watched Meet The Robinsons.  I still can't remember if it was on a blog or facebook or somewhere else, but I had recently read someone's raving review of this movie and how it is completed underrated and such a great Disney movie with a great message.  I remember seeing a preview about the dinosaur and his little arms at one point in the past but didn't pay much attention.  I wish wish wish I had seen this movie sooner.  It was FANTASTIC!

Besides the fact that it is really funny and awesomely futuristic, it incorporates so many twists that keep your brain on it's toes and has so many thoughtful, life lessons that could keep you chatting for awhile.  Between the time travel, lessons on learning from your mistakes, and the dangers of dwelling on the negatives in your life is the message of adoption and showing unconditional love and welcoming others into your family.

Zach and I are praying right now about adoption.  About there being a little girl (or boy if that's just my role as a mom) somewhere in this country who God planned for our family.  So far we've only gotten through the praying of whys and ifs and are trying to figure out the next best step.

  It's already scary because it's such a huge unknown, but all parts of life are technically unknowns because I am not in control and My God who is in control does not always write the specifics of my future out in a nice orderly syllabus for me to follow.  He just promises to be faithful and asks that we follow Him down roads that are sometimes scary, sometimes exciting, and most times are both simultaneously.

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  1. We love that movie too! Praying for you guys. Adoption isn't easy, but so worth it!