Friday, September 26, 2014

phone pic friday

Last weekend while Micah was sick we put him and Logan to bed early and gave our middle man some alone time love with a game night.

Scary ghost.

My oldest baby was pitiful for 4 days with a crazy high fever.  He laid upstairs for over 48 straight hours sleeping, watching movies and laying there covered in cool towels and ice packs.  He was also super sweet and loving towards his mama.  Just a perk of sick babies :)\

So I'm sitting in our big leather recliner writing and reading and I look over and there's a frog sitting on the blinds.  inside.  what?

Micah made this robot costume over 4 years ago after watching a Curious George episode.  It's still a favorite around here!

I had to take Micah to the doctor on Monday.   Our amazing, sweet and funny pediatrician walked in and looked at Micah and said, "He's got a lot of hair."

 This is what happens to a logi bear that plays instead of sleeps during rest time.

 Some of my favorite childhood books that I busted out of storage while on a search for a for a book for a friend.

 Master builder Connor and his plane

 Any guesses on who stole my phone and turned on the camera?

I lost this notebook a few weeks ago and finally found it this week.  I played catch up big time!]

 Fall appeared!

 Gorgeous day, gorgeous boy, gorgeous time at the park!

Abiding is a reminder I need daily.

I love pretending to be a writer.

rest time?

 Jenga tower 2.0

Connor has a friend from school!  Oh
 the many many prayers that preceded this gift for my boy.

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