Monday, October 6, 2014

Mr. September

Our sweet Connor'connor' was chosen by his Kindergarten teacher for student of the month from September.  He wasn't quite sure what that meant but when his big brother informed him that he'd get a goody bag of candy out of the deal he was super pumped.

Last Friday we went to the ceremony that recognized the September SOMs from all the classes at school.  He did such a great job of sitting right up front looking way too big for this mama heart to handle.

The teacher and/or class write up something about the student for the principal to read during the ceremony.  For the visually impaired, you know who you are, this says...

Connor is very attentive during class which is reflected in his excellent work.  In addition, Connor can be counted on to be kind and well-mannered to his classmates.  I am proud to have Commor in my class!  Mrs. Willis

Before the students went back to their rooms they could share refreshments with their families.  We took the opportunity to get pictures as well.

Here is an adorable one of Zach with Connor.

Here is the first attempt at a picture of me with Connor and Logan who insisted on taking a picture too.

This is attempt number 2.  I love my babiest boy but the closest he gets to a SOM ceremony might just be in the audience ;)

So proud of you Connor!!

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