Thursday, December 10, 2015

advent activities days 1-5

One of our yearly traditions is to open a different numbered box each morning to count down the days until Christmas.  Each morning the box contains a tasty treat for each boy and a piece of paper with an activity written on it.  This is my somewhat organized way to not only have fun but to complete all of our Christmas to dos and traditions without getting super overwhelmed.  This is the fourth year we've been doing this and we all still love it.

On Day 1 the boys wrote their Christmas lists.  Connor will always win for having the most entertaining list.  This year he included a tan chair so he can make himself an office, a black and gray puppy and a tiger striped tablet.  

On Day 2 we made a paper garland for their tree in the playroom and then I let them decorate it all by themselves.  The tree we used is a prelit tree that Zach and I bought our first Christmas together.  This year we I plugged it in the lights did not come on :( In order to save time I wrapped to strings of GIANT LED bulbs around it and Micah thought it was the best thing ever.  Proof that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful, Thanks Nester!

On Day 3 we made the best Christmas snack ever!  Some people call it puppy chow or muddy buddies but we call it the best Christmas snack ever because it is indeed the best thing ever and we only make it at Christmas.  This was batch number one but I anticipate a couple more being whipped up before the year is over.

On Day 4 we had Christmas movie night and the boys saw Elf for the first time.  They've been quoting it ever since.  Definitely felt like that was a parenting win!

On Day 5 we went to the Covington Christmas Parade with some friends.  I love a parade though I could do without the insane amounts of candy and business cards they came home with and then the dance line who parked themselves in front of little boys eyes and did what they do could have stressed this mama of boys heart out just a wee bit!

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