Saturday, December 19, 2015

nashville traditions

I'm a sucker for traditions and at Christmas there are tons.  Just another reason to sing "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year..." at the top of my lungs.  One of my favorite traditions involves my love and a concert.  Except for two very sad years, we've been able to see Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God for the past nine years.  Most of those years have been at The Ryman in Nashville, a beautiful venue full of history, and last weekend, full of music that tells the coming of Christ in a most special way.

Usually our trip to Nashville at Christmas is a less than 24 hour excursion.  This year thanks to my parents and some church transitions, we were able to get away with friends for a little longer.  We left Saturday afternoon and arrived just in time to meet the Cardozas for dinner at a swanky restaurant to celebrate their anniversary.  The only downside was that we didn't know it was swanky so there might have been one of the guys in a pair of hiking pants and another in a Star Wars t shirt.  Needless to say, we blended in well ;)  

After dinner the celebrators headed to the movies and left the four of us to go shopping.  We headed to Parnassus books and spent a long time browsing.  Children's books are my fave and I haven't been to a real bookstore in years because the book section at Target most definitely does not count.  I found a few books to put on my wishlist and a new children's series for Connor to try.  But mostly I just looked at pretty covers and smelled new pages.  

Next stop was Green Hills Mall and looking in all the ridiculously awesome but super expensive stores.  I decided to forego the $10,000 couch at Restoration Hardware and get the $3.82 mercury glass ornament instead.  

Sunday morning started with breakfast at Noshville, another Nashville Christmas tradition.  Then after another bookstore we headed to Reese Witherspoon's store Draper James.  It was cute and fun and never will I be able to afford anything in it.  After some boot shopping in Downtown Nashville and a quick stop at a park so that the two Zachs could climb a dragon on a playground we got ready for the reason we were there in the first place.

The show was amazing as usual.  It always seems to go by way to quickly.  This year, because AP had been sick, they added a new element and the crowd sang the song titled Behold the Lamb of God.  Such an amazing sound when a thousand voices are lifted in praise.  It's definitely Christmas time now!!

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