Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Fall Camping in Georgia, even in someone's backyard, is a Southern boy dream.  These boys had been anxiously awaiting this evening for months.  Tents, fire, food, music, lake, and friends sums up the day and night along with LOUD and DIRT as there were five little boys in the mix.  

Unfortunately Logan and I had to miss out on the night festivities due to some nasty side effects to four year old shots, but by the next morning he was in true form and we drove over to Kaden's grandparents house to spend the morning fishing and climbing in dirt mountains in the frigid air of a Saturday in November.  It was good for the heart and soul, as well as the tummy because the food was outstanding. 

 There's a lot of ups and downs in parenting but its moments like these when you see pure joy on faces of filthy boys being who they are with people who love them as they are that you store in your heart to bring smiles to your face on days that need an extra smile or two.  Thankful for new friends and fun memories, dirt covered or not.

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