Friday, March 25, 2016

adventures down the road

I have seriously been struggling recently with always being in the middle of a project, cleaning, organizing, yard work etc.  We're coming up on a year in the  house and there is still so much I need and want to do that I could probably be doing something nonstop and still be years from finishing! 

I get sidetracked very easily by the next thing that can be done so sometimes the best way to just stop and walk away is to literally walk away!  Logan and I took a walk down the road and when I say walk I mean meandering stroll, slowly, so much so that Callie even followed us on our entire journey.

He tried to crawl through the drain but saw ants so didn't get very far.  Then we headed to the trail behind the church and I sat on the bridge and watched him wad and then fall in the little stream.  He had thrown two sticks in a storm drain and was hoping they would come down the stream.  We didn't see them but we did see plenty of other sticks, rocks and other things that boys love to pick up, step on and throw.  An hour away is pretty short in the grand scheme but it's been two weeks and he still brings it up so an hour can also last forever in the mind of my baby boy.

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