Tuesday, March 29, 2016

mother/son hoedown

When the flyer came home from school advertising the mother/son hoedown Micah immedately said absolutely not and Connor immediately said absolutely!

The dance was last Friday and minutes before Connor wanted to bail so he could stay and play but after suggesting an after dance trip to Scoops he rushed to get ready.

We had a BLAST!!  We ate yummy barbecue, got our picture taken and danced and danced and danced and laughed and laughed.  An hour of dancing was a workout in itself but add a crazy six year old boy doing all sorts of jumping moves will slap where you out!

With about 30 minutes left before the dance ended they put on a slow song to which my son finally put his foot down and said no he wasn't touching me and dancing.  With that loving response we headed out early to get ice cream and sit on the square eating, getting brain freezes and taking silly pictures.  

Pretty much the perfect ending for a boy mama date night.

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