Monday, March 7, 2016


Basketball season has ended.  We remembered to bring our real camera the last game so that we could get some action shots for the boys.  The ones from Connor's game were awesome because Zach took them all.  The ones from Micah's game were taken by me whilst Logan was crawling all over my lap trying to play with my hair, take a picture or see the picture so they are not of the same caliber.  Hopefully he forgives me for it!

They both had excellent seasons.  Connor's league doesn't keep score but according to him they won every game except one.  I think he might have conveniently missed a few of the other team's baskets more than once.  Micah's team ended up first in their league.  They had two great coaches, Zach being one of them, and some really good players who worked together really well.  He had three friends on his team, one of them was his best friend Gavin, so between playing with your buddies and winning most of your games it was an 8 year old boy's dream!

They are already talking about next season :)

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