Tuesday, August 4, 2009

enjoying two

Before Connor was born I heard a lot of positive comments from people and a few ridiculous ones but above all the most frequent thing shared was 'life with two is hard.' Due to the influence of a couple friends (you know who you are) I have developed a certain attitude towards negative warnings. For example if your pregnant one might tell you you'll never sleep again or when you get married you hear the honeymoon doesn't last forever. I mean seriously lets start thinking half full ok! I have been guilty of this in the past but I have tried tried tried to take a more positive role when advice giving/sharing.

With this said I want to say that 'life with two is NOT hard' but it IS full! Let me back up and tell you that I didn't take advantage of enjoying Micah when he was a newborn-4ish months old. Bottom line, he intimidated the heck out of me. Though I had him at home for the first 7 weeks Stephanie had him until he was almost 4 months old while I finished out the school year and when I got him back full time that summer I near about lost my mind. I didn't know what to do with him. Books told you to talk to your babies and play with your babies and read with your babies but all I could think was how do you play with an infant? They just sit there? I loved him to death but wasn't sure what else to do except meet his basic needs! Of course I got used to it after awhile but definitely was sad that I didn't 'know' him that well early on.

This time has been totally different!! In a GREAT way! I'm not saying I know what I'm doing or that he's an easier baby or anything like that BUT I am enjoying him more. Meaning, I am taking the time to pay attention to his getting bigger and smiley'er' and more aware of his surroundings. I know in a couple months/years I will still think where did all that time go, but at least this time I will know I enjoyed it while it was here. (It also doesn't hurt that he has the cutest big brother ever for us to play with too!)

Me and Connor playing patty cake while Micah sings a song


  1. We frequently heard "Four kids? Just wait until they are teens!" We assumed that Scripture was true. Children are the heritage of the Lord. They are his reward. You listen and you set your expectation level and you enjoy what you have. We did.

  2. this post was a great encouragement for me! i am scared of having another one because i feel like i won't have time for it. anyway, thanks! you are a great mom :)