Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sweet vanity

Micah's new favorite activity is to watch home movies of himself. Zach says it reminds him of his brother Andrew who is the most sentimental of the siblings and could probably watch home movies all day every day! Micah will come up to one of us and ask to watch Micah on TV and will then tell us which Micah he wants to watch. It's not surprising that he loves to watch himself since as an infant Stephanie used to let him stare at himself in the mirror whenever she was trying to get him to stop crying. I love his sweet vanity :)

Micah watching 'Micah nanumming in doggie jammies'

Everyone says you always have TONS of pictures of your first born and it dwindles after that. While with actual photographs I can already see that, when it comes to videos this might be the opposite in our family. Watching with Micah has made us realize how many things we missed taping. There are lots of things he did and ways he said things that we don't have recorded so I have a feeling Connor is going to be quite the movie star in the future so that we don't miss a thing!!


  1. It must be hard to not be vain when you are that stinkin' cute. :)


  2. How sweet! He is just precious!