Friday, August 21, 2009

i'm tired

It's been awhile (approximately the same amount of time I've been a non-teacher) since I thought TGIF! This has been a TIRING week. A couple things started that made my brain short fuse about this time yesterday when I had a complete and utter meltdown. However it's only my 2nd one since Connor was born and with Micah there had about 10x that by now :) Have I mentioned I'm not good with change?!?!?!

* Micah (and Isabella) started preschool this week. Isabella goes TWTH and Micah goes TTH. Micah went to (a different) preschool last year but I was there to so I knew the school, knew the teachers and knew (if I wanted) what he was doing every second of the day. This year I have to drive up to a door they get him out of my car and I have to drive away wondering. Just wondering how he is what's he doing etc. I'm pitiful I know! I have been feeling anxious about that all week thinking does this mean I shouldn't be sending him, but today I read something my friend Rachel wrote and thought, "Man she is such an awesome mom. I want to be like her." So I prayed her prayer she wrote for her daughter (switching it to be for a boy of course) and it gave me a peace. Thanks Rach!! The good news is both days I picked Micah up he was BEYOND excited and told me all about his super fun day.

Hanging up his backpack

Jumping right in

Celebratory first day of school lunch

lovin' on my little man

The short fusing however comes with the whole take four kids in my car twice a day thing. I haven't quite figured out how to easily and efficiently fulfill this task. Atleast without Connor and occassionally William melting during the trip. Practice makes perfect? I hope!

* The other little tidbit is the 3 1/2 month craziness my boys apparently go through with their sleeping. Connor is a GREAT night sleeper. Well WAY better than Micah was. He usually sleeps for a 6-7 stretch at night and then another 4 before he's up for the day. Naps usually went very well. After he was awake for an hour or more he'd get sleep and I'd swaddle him up rock him for about 30 seconds and he'd be out. Naps is what we are struggling with. He has decided that he does not want to be swaddled any longer. Great but how the heck do I get him to go to sleep! Also he doesn't want to sleep as much. Great how the heck do I figure out when he does need to sleep. I know they start extending their wake time in the day. Which is great, but it sure is oh so hard for that few days until you figure out the next good routine. It's even harder for me who LOVES a schedule but hasn't been able to get one going this time. Needless to say yesterday I melted, and I mean MELTED, whilst holding screaming Connor, trying not to let him wake anyone up and thinking a bigger house would solve all my problems. Dramatic much? I'm sure (praying) this time next week I'll have a back to normal baby. In the meantime though. I'M TIRED!


  1. You are so precious and honest. Thank you for loving my children and taking care of them right along with yours. I know I have told you before that neither of mine got into a good pattern until they started solids and it still always seemed to change. Notice I say pattern. Just follow what you think is right for you and Connor. Love you.

  2. Sarah -
    You are so precious!! I've had some moments myself watching 3 kiddos - can't imagine having 4 under the age of 3. You make Wonder Woman look like a wimp. Hang in there and I'm here for you.
    Love you so!!

  3. jack stopped wanting to be swaddled at 1 month old. we use sleep sacks and our swing. i LOVED our swing! but i was very sad when he outgrew it!