Wednesday, August 26, 2009

recent craftiness

In all my free time (HA) I have been able to release at least a little of my craftiness.

I made these four burp cloths for a friend from Enterprise to give to a friend. I usually only make these to give as gifts. This was the first time I was actually paid to make one and might be the last. TOO STRESSFUL! As always if you need something cutely sewn and have $$ visit Steph's blog.

I also got Micah's new red scrapbook (all his are red) for his 3rd year of life and Connor's first scrapbook (his are lime green) so I'm hoping I can get a few pages done here and there. I'm not too terribly behind which is good because it drives me crazy to be scrapping things I can barely remember!!

I also discovered what could possibly be my dream job. I would totally LOVE to open a boutique full of repurposed furniture. You know find junk and then make it cute!! I was definitely inspired by this little shop and of course received this gene from my mom!! I"m hoping if we ever move I can get a storage building of some kind and start stock piling projects.

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