Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a parable

Sometime pre-Connor pregnancy our women's group was going through the book Get Out of That Pit by the beloved Beth Moore. LOVED the book. It helped me get past some shadows I hadn't given completely over to God yet. During this study one lady shared a story about a bird. I don't know if it was her experience or someone else's because I can't remember that far back :) However it STUCK with me and since then I've thought how cool it would be to write a book based on that story. My book would be called The Parable of the Bird and the Broom: and other lessons you learn at Women's Group.

This story popped back in my head after some friends of ours went through a job fire only to get an awesome job hire two days later. Since it is still flying (ha...get it...bird...flying) around inside my head, I wanted to share it with anybody who cares to read. (*I'm adding some extras to make it more story like but I promise it's based on fact!)

The Parable of the Bird and the Broom

One morning a woman walked out onto her screened-in porch to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee and maybe read her new book. As soon as she sat down and started to get comfortable she heard a fluttering above her head. Flying back and forth inside her porch was a small, brown bird. It must have flown in the night before when the door was left open, but the poor thing wasn't sure where it was or how to get somewhere else. Chasing this bird around the porch to try and catch it was not on this particularly ladies to do list this morning so she decided the best thing to do was find a broom and 'guide' it out the door again. With broom in hand, the woman began gently maneuvering the bird towards the narrow door. Believe it or not this bird was not a big fan of a giant broom being waved at it's little body. The bird began to panic and do everything it could to stay away from this stick-like object that was obviously trying to do it harm. The women soon grew frustrated wondering why a bird would want to stay confined in this small porch when just through the door was a big, beautiful sky to fly in.

Many times God will put obstacles in our path, like the broom, to get us to go where He knows we need to be. The problem is we, like the bird, would rather stay where we are than go through a somewhat scary, narrow door to get to a new, and always better destination.


  1. I loved your parable. I actually cut and pasted it into an e-mail for the girls in my bible study. We are studying No Other Gods and this is exactly what we were discussing last week. I hope you don't mind me sharing your story.

  2. I remember that story too! Wasn't it Laurie W. that shared it? She always has the best stories. :)

  3. And you recreated it beautifully, Sarah. Not surprising at all. Thanks for reminding me, I might have forgotten altogether if it weren't for you.