Wednesday, October 28, 2009

more boundaries

Tonight was night 3 of our women group's boundaries discussion and while I can HIGHLY recommend this book, I more highly recommend reading it with a group of people you trust and love who will share their issues and call you out on your own. It's sad to me that some Christians might have never experienced what it truly means to confess your sins to one another, to bring your struggles to one another and to have those others love you, support you, listen to you, and in no way judge you. Awww...can't you just feel the refreshment of having a safe place.

So far the greatest lessons learned have been (1) the importance of saying no and meaning no when that is what you need to do. Lots of Christian women, me included, feel the overwhelming urge to always say yes as if even thinking of telling someone no has to be wrong, unchristian like and just plain selfish. Aren't we here to help the world with anything and everything? The answer to that would be (2) we are not supposed to fix everything for everyone. We are responsible for ourselves but only responsible to others. We absolute are called to carry each other's burdens but each of us are also called to carry our own loads. You can't be everything to everyone. That is not our job. It is God's

Hopefully you have read this in the way it was intended and are not thinking that this book is just a way to get out of doing things :) Remember I have only gotten through three chapters so I still have lots to learn!!


  1. I absolutely agree with this. I loved "The Shack"--as it took away the guilt of not being able to forget when someone hurt me. I can work to forgive, but I can't just forget it! I struggled with that for years--does that mean I'm a bad Christian? I find comfort to know that it does not mean that. I'm human. I have my own life to live too and that doesn't mean I have to live my life the way you want to (athough that may be going off on another tangent too). Thanks for sharing this.