Saturday, October 3, 2009

never thought i'd say that!

I am not going to do this story justice right now because I am slightly preoccupied with the Auburn/TN game but it popped into my head to do so if I don't do it RIGHT NOW it won't get done and then I might forget this hilarious yet slightly gross story about my handsome yet mischievous little boy.

Last week the kids were slightly crazy. Micah has started to have this goofy aura about him all the time which is sometimes funny, sometimes not. Connor is rolling over to his tummy every time I put him down and then crying because he doesn't want to be there. William wasn't feel well so he cried a lot more than normal. And Bella was a 3 year old girl :) None of them were 'bad' per say, they just kept me on my toes. Especially Friday!!

Friday was already going to be a crazy day. All four kids were at the house since there is no preschool on Friday. I was leaving for a preview sale at 2:00 so I was having to get certain things accomplished so that Zach could watch the kids with no problems. Zach was leaving after I got back from the sale for the weekend so I needed to finish laundry for him. Connor decided to nap for a whole 30 minutes that morning so I was carting him around while fixing lunch in the kitchen and getting Williams milk warmed up when I heard Micah and Bella laughing like loons. My naive mind thought how nice it was that they were playing well together so I went to take a peek at what they were doing. I walked into the guest bathroom to find them shoving their ENTIRE HEADS in the toilet and by entire I mean faces and all. They were both soaking wet from the neck down and had little swirly peaks of hair sticking like alfalfa from little rascals. I, in a calm manner I'm sure, said WE DO NOT STICK OUR HEADS IN THE TOILET! and then preceded to strip them both down and put them in a VERY soapy bath and scrub any trace of toilet germs off their little bodies.

After they were all squeaky clean and redressed, in clean clothes of course, I tried to get some kind of explanation out of them. The best I could get from a 2 year old and 3 year old was "We wanted to get our hair wet." OH. Well of course you did.

squeaky clean and banished to the chair until lunch was ready :)


  1. It's have to play in it!

  2. Hilarious! It's moments like these that you will remember fondly once they are bigger!

  3. Bless you soul!
    What else can I say?

  4. Sarah, I've never commented on your blog before now but had to with this one! I laughed forever just imagining this! What a hoot!! Remember these days -- one day I'm sure Micah will cringe when you tell this little story!