Monday, October 12, 2009

suches, ga

Two weekends ago we, along with the cardozas and moons, went on our annual fall break mountain getaway. This is the 5th year in a row that at least some of us have gone during the October break from school. We were on a budget friendly trip this year so we looked for the cheapest, but nicest, cabin we could find. We hit jackpot with this AWESOME place in Suches, GA right on the Toccoa River. Now granted there was absolutely nothing to do in a 45 minute radius but with 5 kids under 4 years old we weren't really planning on hitting the town too much anyway :)

We spent 3ish days and 2 nights reading, eating, playing air hockey and ping pong, sitting in the hot tub, walking by the water and watching the kids. One of the most entertaining things was watching Micah and Isabella 'throw rocks at the ding.' The house had a rock driveway and they found a metal cap covering up something in the woods so they spent hours and I mean HOURS throwing rocks at it and laughing like loons every time one of them happened to hit the thing because it made a loud DING noise. So funny! Who says you need TV?

This is one of the most fun traditions we have started since moving to Conyers and I can't wait for many more mountain getaways in the future!!

view across the river

view from the back porch
Justin was trying to catch a fish but there were none to be seen :/

Micah and Isabella LOVED staring at the water

and of course throwing rocks!
Micah's face after he 'hit the ding'

silly boy #1

silly boy #2
silly boy #3
This is one of Matt and Zach's 'epic' ping pong games.
FINALLY a picture of the four of us (still not a great one though :P)
We're such a cute little group!


  1. Looks like fun! I want to go to the mountains sometime soon.

  2. Fun! I'm glad y'all had a relaxing time! Micah's face after he hits the "ding" is priceless!