Sunday, July 3, 2011


We experienced our first visit to the ER this past Thursday. Leslie was watching the boys for me so I could go to a baby shower for my sister in law. About 20ish minutes after dropping them off I received 'the phone call'. I could hear Micah in the back ground hyperventilating crying as she explained to me that he somehow tripped fell back into a table and landed face first into the recliner. When she picked him up she realized he was NOT ok. The poor thing bit through his bottom lip.

This might sound crazy but I'm SOOO glad it happened at her house. She is much more calm in those kind of circumstances and actually knows what to do. Since I would have been calling her anyway it was good she was the one at the scene :) I turned around to go pick him up and take him to Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. We live very close to two AWESOME children's hospitals so we decided that would be the best place to head. He was so quiet in the car and only cried when he thought that they would give him a shot.

It was not busy at all which was great and we were in a room within 30 minutes. We ended up having to wait 2 hours though because the ER doctor felt that since we were dealing with his face particularly the lip area he felt more comfortable with the plastic surgeon doing the stitches. Connor was taken care of, Micah was VERY chill from the medication and Disney movies were on loop on the hospital TV so waiting wasn't a big deal. We sat with a very doped up Micah, his buddy Curious George and watched Pochahontas and Curious George the movie. There were a few breaks when the nurses came in to give additional medication and a numbing agent for his lips. Each time they came in George wanted to wave to them and Micah informed them he was going back to his friend Bella's house when they were done.

The surgeon put about 5 stitches on the outside of his lip and 3 on the inside. Micah was so still the whole time and when they were done he looked at us and bragged that he didn't cry! By the time we got back to get Connor Micah was getting sad because he really wanted to play and sick because of all the pain medicine. He ended up getting sick at there house twice and once more at home and was just about the most pitiful thing.

He's been doing great since the incident. The swelling has gone down a lot and he's been very understanding about the 'squishy' food diet he has to be on for the next few days. I am soo soo soo soo soo soo proud of him. He did way better then I would have ever imagined and I'm soo soo soo soo thankful it was just a small injury that was easily fixed and easily recovered from!

waiting room

relaxing after the first round of medication

Micah and George with their matching medicine bandaids

stiching him up



  1. Poor guy! But, I'm so proud of him for doing such a great job and being so brave :)

  2. Poor little guy! Sounds like he was super brave!

  3. We love love love Scottish Rite. Benjamin has had several treatments there and it is well worth the drive from Enterprise.