Saturday, July 9, 2011

little swimmers

We just finished up our week of swimming lessons and I've got to say it was GREAT! Last year Connor hated them and Micah freaked out the first two days and then was pretty ok the last few. What a difference a year makes!

I hadn't originally signed Connor up because of last years horrible experience. I was just planning on practicing with him every chance we got to have in the pool. However, after dealing with a very sad boy on Micah's 2nd day (the first day he was home with Zach) because he wasn't getting in the pool I felt bad for not including him as well. I noticed the water babies class before Micah's class only had two kids in it so the director let me put him in for the last 3 days. He did great with me the first two days and only got mad when one of the teachers came to make him do something. The last day he was BRILLIANT! I"m pretty sure it's because Zach worked from home so he could watch the boys swim (seriously great daddy!). Connor walked right in the pool, straight to his teacher and straight SHOWED OFF!! He went under water with his blow fish face, floated like a champ, choo chooed around the pool, swam to get toys and smiled the whole time. I seriously couldn't believe it but wasn't about to complain!

LOVE this picture of the two of us :)

floating with his airplane arms

swimming to the wall

choo chooing-
p.s. this is just using their arms to get them safely to a spot they can get out of the pool


Relaxing after all the hardwork

and being his usual self :)

Micah did great from day 1. He was very excited about taking his lessons this year. The two main reasons were because he got new goggles to wear and because Bella was in his class. She makes everything better. While his teacher said he isn't quite ready for Level 2 he improved a lot with relaxing while swimming or floating and by the end of the week swam the whole 'baby' length while holding his breath and floated on his own. I was most impressed with him during their penny hunt (throw pennies on the bottom of the pool and get them). He figured out how to get himself to the bottom (shallow end), held his breath for a long time, and didn't get frustrated when he couldn't grab one. He ended up with 6 by the end. Seeing him actually enjoy himself swimming instead of getting nervous or frustrated was awesome!

waiting for his turn

blowing bubbles warm up

talking strategy with bella

Smiles all around

floating floating floating

He was most excited about Friday because he got to jump off the diving board. This is him patiently waiting. The rest is on video though so sorry :) He didn't even wait until she counted to three. That boy was READY!

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