Thursday, March 7, 2013


A certain someone has asked me to update my blog so that they do not have to look at my previous post every time they bring up the blog.  I'm pretending it's because that certain person misses updates of my sweet boys so much that they just really need some new pictures ;)

 I had been waiting almost 9 years to get rid of his horrible broken tacky dragged from college dresser and we kept saying we would plan a time to go up there.  Last Saturday it was freezing, I scratched my hands trying to shove his clothes into his dresser and decided I couldn't take it any longer!  Thankfully my husband read my signs and agreed it'd be a fun afternoon adventure so we braved IKEA with all three boys!  They did really good.  All three of them sat in the cart and enjoyed getting wheeled around everywhere and Micah loved checking out the map and letting us know which department we were coming to next.  During the trip Connor got a paper cut and turned into his other self for awhile but still all in all it was fun and we celebrated with cinnamon rolls after.

Zach put together the first one that night after the boys were in bed while I kept him company.  It took about 2 1/2 hours and/or one movie for me to watch :)

We finished the second one Sunday night and then moved around a lot of furniture in our room to make room for both of them.  On Monday I got to spend time rearranging our clothes in our drawers and decorating in the new wall space above my dresser.  My kind of fun!!

I put together a little gallery wall of artwork and frames that I had stashed in the closet when we had to redo the guest room into a little boy room.  The three paintings were done by my sister in law Beka, the Love hoop was a Christmas present from Katie, the square is a melissa and doug playdoh accessories box lined with scrap paper and the frame I bought at one of my favorite stores that went out of business a few years ago.  I'm planning on putting the teacup and saucer that I got from Mrs. Vickey in the middle of  the box but I need to get a special hanger for it.

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