Sunday, March 24, 2013


Zach and I along with 9 other people from our church are going to Oradea, Romania for 10 days this summer.  This is the third year a team from our church has gone to Romania to work with an awesome ministry Belief In Motion.  

Belief in Motion outlines 8 weeks of topics for the summer, this summer is the Beatitudes, and different groups that come over take a week and plan the story, craft, snack and games and we spend the week traveling to different gypsy villages, minor centers and orphanages and share our lesson, visit, and love them with the unconditional love of Christ which is something most of them do not see on a regular basis.  We will also be helping with cleaning, construction, organizing, and anything else to help the Bruski family maintain, build and expand their ministry in Romania and to help the people there see the love of Christ through us.

This is my first mission's trip and I am nervously excited.  I technically went on one to Charleston as a senior in high school but I don't know if it really counts.  I have wanted to go since our team got back last year and mentioned it to Zach a few times and asked if he thought this was something ok for me to do alone or was it something he thought we should experience together.  He right away answered together but wasn't ready to jump on board and I wasn't prepared for it to be my idea that he just came along with.  Too much pressure! ;)  So after him praying about it and talking to some other people about he began to get excited and we made the commitment to go. 

 Of course I immediately started panicking that we would both be on a plane and it might crash and we would leave our children orphans.  Much like I do every time we go anywhere.  But I feel extremely certain that God placed this desire to go on my heart for a reason and am praying that those sinful doubts and anxieties stay away so that they don't mask the purpose of the trip and what God has in store for us there.

Our plan is to do group fundraising with the rest of our mission team, make some different spending choices for the next few months and Zach is going to try and raise personal funds by doing as many photo shoots as he can in order for us to supplement our own trip.  This means we will not be sending out letters or anything like that, however if you just feel a desire to send us money we sure won't send it back ;-)

Ways you can help though are...

*  PRAY!  Pray for us, our team, our babies as we leave them for 10 days, my heart as I leave my babies for 10 days, the people we will encounter and anything else you can think of that might be needed to be prayed for :)

*  Book a photo shoot with my oh so talented husband.  Here's his website if you want to check out his stuff!  Zach May Photography

*  Gather, collect, find. purchase any of the following items for us to take over and share with the different villages.

games or sports equipment (i.e. balls, frisbees, balloons, bubbles, jump ropes, etc.)
school supplies (i.e. crayons, markers, glue, paper, etc.)
cereal bars/protein bars
bug spray
personal hygiene items (i.e. washcloths, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, brushes, hair ties, etc.)
vitamins (adult, child and prenatal)
flip flops
ibuprofen (adult and children's)
cough meds, cold meds, stomach meds and any over the counter drugs
small toys, stuffed animals or dollar store items
non chocolate candy
baby supplies (i.e. diapers, food, formula, clothes, wipes, etc.)

Please let me know if you are able to help with anything or if you just want to know more about the trip or if you just want to say hey :)

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