Sunday, March 31, 2013

preparing for Easter

I tried a pre Easter scripture/bible story and activity plan this year.  We did not get to all of them but the ones we did do were a lot of fun and a very cool way to make the stories tangible.  

Three of the stories we did were Jesus Feeding the 5000 and after reading it the boys got 2 swedish fish and 5 crackers and had to try to give each of us as much as we wanted and still have leftovers.  It didn't take them long to realize it was pretty much impossible :)

Another we did was Jesus calming the storm.  I let them make 'storms' in the bathtub and then try to calm it immediately by saying HUSH (a la Jesus Storybook Bible)  They spent about 20+ minutes soaking themselves and the bathroom!

Micah's favorite was the story of Jesus healing the blind man with mud.  We played Blind Hide N' Seek.  Connor liked being seeked but hated being the seeker.  Being 'blind' totally freaked him out!

We also dyed Easter eggs which has nothing to do with a bible story about Jesus but it's fun and artistic and makes pretty egg salad when you're done.  Micah actually asked why people talk about bunnies and eggs and stuff because it doesn't have anything to do with Jesus.  It led to an interesting conversation where I imparted brilliant gospel wisdom...seriously though we chatted a bit about it and it was cool.

If you notice the huge yellow puddle on the paper, that was Logan's contribution.  About 30 seconds after this next picture Connor knocked over the blue one.  

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