Monday, April 1, 2013

pre Easter celebrations

We spent Saturday with Zach's family.  It's become somewhat of a tradition to spend part of Easter weekend with them.  Because there is one pastor and two worship leaders in the family it's usually on Saturday so that everyone can be at their home churches on Sunday.

I thought Logan and I were going to have to miss.  He threw up all over himself and me as we were getting ready to leave.  After getting all cleaned up and deciding I should stay at home with him he started runnign around outside and smiling and being his almost usual self so we decided to risk.  He didn't get sick again the whole day and was pretty good at their house apart from his usual clinginess/fussiness that pops up whenever he feels like he wants it to come up.

We spent the majority of the day playing in the backyard and playing at the park.  

Good times, good family, good memories.

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