Saturday, April 13, 2013

week alone

Zach got the chance to go to a conference in Denver for five days last week which left me alone with the boys.  It was, surprisingly, a great week.  I actually slept well at night which is a first since usually if I'm alone I automatically assume monsters are hiding under my bed and in my closet.  I also, in order to keep my mind occupied on something besides the monsters, made a major dent in my spring cleaning list.  Most of those things were parts of the house that no one but me would notice but I am noticing and it makes me happy :)

I can say, however, that I'm glad travel is not a part of his job because God did not create me to be alone that much.  There's only so long you can go without starting to talk to yourself and then you just feel crazy ;) 

I wanted to share some pictures he took in Colorado.  Since I had to convince him to take his camera with him I take 90% of the credit for these photos.  Obviously that is fair.  He hasn't edited them yet so hopefully he forgives me for sharing his unfinished work.

Coors Field

The snow from his hotel window

The Big Blue Bear

Golden, Colorado home of Coors brewery/plant

This squirrel just cracks me up

Buffalo Bill

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