Monday, March 11, 2013

mini revs

Connor started mini revs last Monday.  They don't have games, they just meet once a week on Monday nights from 6:00-6:45 to learn basic soccer skills.  William did it in the fall and since Zach has been playing soccer with our church team and we thought it would be fun for Connor to have something that he could be involved in we are trying it for the spring.  He has been talking about starting soccer practice for weeks!! 

I wasn't able to watch because I was with Micah at baseball practice but Zach said he had a blast and that he always wanted to be right up front so he could see exactly what they were doing.  According to Connor they did side to side, put their feet on and off the ball fast, kicked it slowly past the alligators,  and balanced it on their backs.

I personally think this is brilliant and wish all sports would do this for the younger ages.  How cool would it be to instead of have tee ball, they just spend time really teaching the kids the skills they need.  It would cut down on a lot of ridiculous parents yelling at 4 years olds  in the middle of games too!

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