Monday, September 23, 2013

aiken, sc

Zach and I got away for a much needed and loved weekend together.  My parents came up Friday night with our oldest niece Haley to hang with the boys and Zach and I got on the road around 9:30 that night to drive to Aiken, SC.  I think I'd seen it in a Southern Living magazine a long time ago and he had heard about it from somewhere as well.  Either way we've been wanting to go for awhile and this weekend we got our chance.

Aiken is a really small southern town with old charm and cute shops :)  We stayed at the Carriage Inn right in the middle of downtown, distance from pretty much everywhere we wanted to go.  Our room reminded me of Mrs. Vickey's house which just made my heart that much happier.  

We spent our short time talking pretty much non stop,  driving and listening to music,  digging into some scripture, going in almost every store in downtown, finding some cute clothes for me, getting some old baseball cards for the boys/Zach and eating yummy food.   We even saw our first polo match as Aiken is apparently the center of the polo world.  The rules can get pretty complicated but if you just focus on the fact that it's basically a bunch of people riding horses hitting a ball with a super long croquet stick and trying to get it in between two poles than you can follow pretty well.  

It was a time of refreshing and I cherish it's memories.

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Farmer's Market baguette

chatting up the locals

He found the camera he has been "patiently" waiting to upgrade to.  I have a feeling the waiting won't last much longer!

One of the 40 polo clubs in the Aiken area

I just love a gorgeous staircase

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  1. It's so cute! I actually have a friend who lives up in Aiken. Maybe I'll visit so I can see some polo :)


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