Wednesday, September 4, 2013

pictures on the square

Two weekends ago Zach had been hired by some friends to be the photographer at their 20 year reunion.  For the occasion he rented a really nice lens so we took advantage of the situation and did our family pictures as well.  When your husband is the photographer it is necessary to have a helper so that he can actually BE in some of the pictures.

  Leslie has been our helper almost every time but she was unavailable so a younger girl from our church helped out.  She is a budding photographer and very talented.  She is also just an awesome human being.  Another awesome human being is her younger sister who came along and watched and helped wrangle the Logi Bear.  He needs wrangling!

We took all the pictures on the Covington Square and then rewarded the group with ice cream at scoops.  I was so excited about how the pictures turned out!

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