Saturday, September 7, 2013

zoo day

After expiring a couple months ago, I finally renewed our ZooAtlanta membership and headed there with Connor and Logan yesterday.  I am so thankful for Connor's preschool schedule because he has every Friday off which means I have every Friday with my middle man before Kindergarten starts next year.

There were LOTS of napping animals today but we still had a great time.  We saw the Rhino up close close close and saw the Black Mamba trying to climb the wall so those were both big winners with the boys.  No zoo trip is complete without the train ride so of course we hit that up as well.  

We also finally tried out the splash fountain they put in this summer and it was great.  Logan ran through with no abandon and shoved his face right into the water.  Connor counted how many he ran straight through and got up to 39 in the short ten minutes that we played.

Getting a Zoo membership is one of my favorite things we purchase and one of my favorite things to take people to so if you want a zoo day let me know!!

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