Thursday, June 5, 2014

10th anniversary

Today is Zach and my 10th anniversary. 

10 years ago I had no idea what marriage was but the only problem was I didn't know that I didn't know.  I thought I knew what it would be like, I thought I knew what my job was for him and I thought he knew what his job was to me.  Sitting here ten years later I've decided that it is impossible to know, to really know what you're getting into.

I on my own can't ever be prepared.  You, on your own, can't ever be prepared for what lies ahead because we are not privy to that information.  God holds our story in His hands because our story is just part of the big one He is trying to tell and trust in Him alone is the only way to be prepared for what lies ahead.  It doesn't matter how many books you read, premarital counseling sessions you sit through or how much good advice you get from others if at the core you don't believe and trust that God holds you, your husband and your marriage in his hands and that He loves you and will carry you through everything He sets in your path.

In these last ten years among countless things we have been blessed with three beautiful boys, the best friendships of our lives, and a church and pastor who have become our community and been like family.  

During this last ten years we have experienced frustrating arguments and soulful discussion, doubts, worries and encouragement, complete desperation and complete elation, pride and humility, painful refining and the peace of redemption, the lowest valley of each of our lives and the highest peak we have yet to climb, we have learned better how to love and be loved and most importantly how to get over ourselves and cling to our Father through everything.

Without doubt or hesitation, taking into account every part of our journey, I can say that these have been the most wonderful 10 years of my life and I pray I get to spend the next 50+ walking along side this man that my soul loves.

Happy Anniversary Zach, thank you for holding my hand as we follow our Father's path, no matter how narrow it may get.


Our Wedding Day
June 5, 2004 
10th Anniversary surprise Vow Renewal
May 31st 2014

*to be shared tomorrow

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