Monday, June 23, 2014

Things they say

Sharing another fun edition of the things the boys say.   Crazy,  sweet or funny, they are all things we want to remember.

L:   "no I two" anytime he hears someone say the word to, too or two no matter what the context.

C:  I don't like kisses.   Only when I get married am I going to have a kiss.

Me:  Connor we forgot to take your cough medicine.  
C: "I don't need it.   My cough left and went in someone else's belly"

Me: micah do you know what a honeymoon is? 
M: yeah its a fieldtrip you go on after you get married.

Micah's What if scenarios.  From what if Evan Gattis hits a homerun right now to what if he went to a store and they just told him he could get everything without paying to what if he read a whole book in like five seconds.   He LOVES making up stuff.

C to L:  You didn't go because you were in Mama's belly. Was that fun in mama's belly?

C as M was working on a rubiks cube:  Daddy God can definitely do that puzzle cause he does miracles.

C:  When I'm 100 I won't even be able to fit in a car! (Because obviously you never stop growing)

L: (out of absolutely no where) Daddy birds have wings.  I don't have wings.

C: (during an after Curious George  when they do the real ppl parts) That is gross, I don't want to clean a GIRL'S tree house.

C: is not twenTy, it's twinnie.

L: every time it thunders... "is that goliath!?"

Me: I think Logan is the only one who could play football.  I bet he'd like to tackle people.
M in response: (belly laughing) yes! That was a good sentence!

L: while riding his bike "look how going fast I are"

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