Monday, June 2, 2014

blue jays!

The Blue Jays had an EXCELLENT season this year.  They ended with only two losses and second place for in the regular season standings.  At the end of the season they always have a tournament and they got second place there as well.

We had to beat the Marlins to make it to the championship game and our boys played their hearts out!  Everyone got hits, everyone was focused and it paid off.  I have never seen Micah so excited.  Before we had left for the game that night he said all he wanted was a chance to play in a championship game.  

The next night we headed back to the fields for the BIG game against the Pirates.  We had beat them the first regular season game but they beat us the second time around.  The Pirates are GOOD.  Half their team is on a travel ball team and the coach is their travel ball coach.  Our guys couldn't keep up that day.  They all handled it pretty well and were good sports.  They got a second place medal and lots of applause from their parents and coaches.  

Every year Micah has played he's had great coaches (same head coach all three years) and great teammates with great parents.  He is learning to love something and learning how to perfect skills and learning how to encourage and be encouraged.  


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