Wednesday, June 18, 2014

only logi

Last Tuesday Logan and I drove Micah, Connor and Leah to north Georgia to meet Nana for the inaugural Nana Camp.  While they had a great time with Nana and Poppy, Logan thoroughly enjoyed being an only child for four days.  I know he loves playing with his brothers, but he seriously didn't seem to miss them at all.  Most likely because he had my undivided attention and if there is anything Logan loves it is attention on him that is undivided.

Day 1 was spent picking up his new big boy mattress and bed rails, riding bikes and playing games he's not usually allowed to join in on.

On Day 2 we went to the zoo with Lisa and Ella.  Logan had been talking about this specific part about our week for awhile and kept telling everyone that this was the one thing he was going to do. We all had a fun time.  The highlights of this zoo trip were all the babies we saw.  There were baby warthogs, baby gorillas, lion cubs and baby organgutans and they were all adorable.  I also got to show Lisa the Red Panda and she agreed that it was the cutest thing ever.

Later that afternoon we put Logan's big boy bed together and he spent his first night in it Wednesday night.  He got a little emotional when I first put him in the bed but fell asleep immediately.  He fell off the foot of the bed around 3 in the morning but was pretty easy to get back to sleep and has been great in it ever since.  He used to want his door closed but now for whatever reason he wants his door big open and for me to come check on him after a few minutes.  

On Thursday we ran errands and played at Sam's house which is just as big a treat for me as it is for him.  The rest of the day we rested, watched a movie, played outside and drew lots of chalk pictures! 

Friday, Micah and Connor came back and we spent a few hours in the afternoon with Nana and Poppy plus Aunt Jessica, Elias and Elana when they came to pick up Leah.  

The biggest thing I noticed about my only logi experience was how different it felt having just one with me now as opposed to when I actually just had one child.  If only I could have been that chill and flexible when it was me and Micah 5 years ago.  Oh the things you learn as time goes by.

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